SNAP tech flue 5 is a vertical element for water supply, heating and sewerage systems. The suitability of the product in the intended location should always be checked to ensure sufficient space for the toilet bowl.


SNAP tech flue 5 contains:
– L-profile steel structure;
– Decibel-, HT-, HT+ or HTTP plastic sewer pipes and components;
– five copper or composite pipes which can be moved up and down together with supports and insulation for water supply and heating;
– wall-hung toilet solution with PEX pipe for flush box (according to the dimensions provided by client);
– Cut-to-size and pierced concrete fibreboard (8–9 mm) for tiled surfaces or removable laminated waterproof plywood board (14 mm).


SNAP tech flue 5 board selection:
– 8 or 9 mm concrete fibreboard with mechanical fasteners which cannot be opened (size subject to availability);
– 8 or 9 mm removable concrete fibreboard (size subject to availability);
– 14 mm laminated waterproof plywood board (removable).


– Height: 2,325 mm;
– Width: 797 mm;
– Depth: 260 mm.


– CE certificate for steel frame;
– FI certificate for the finished element;
– Steel parts coating class C1-2;


– Sewer sound insulation;
– Bidet connecting;
– Metal profile for laminate boards;
– Toilet and toilet seat;
– Flush box button;
– Leakage drainage;
– Access cover bushing.